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Sculpin Helmet Articulated Buggar - Brown yellow

Streamside original sculpin buggar.
  • $5.00

Sculpin Helmet Articulated Buggar - Olive

Streamside original sculpin buggar.
  • $4.50

Split tail Deceiver Tan - Articulated

Streamside original deceiver deceiver.
  • $7.00

Split tail Deceiver White - Articulated

Great lakes style deceiver.
  • $7.00

Super Buggar - Brown

Tied in the Cathy Beck style.
  • $4.00

Super Buggar - Olive

A streamside copy of Cathy Beck's supper buggar.
  • $4.00

Supper Buggar - Black/Olive

Tied in the Cathy Beck style.
  • $4.00

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